About Us

Oiva has established itself as a lifestyle brand that marries traditional craftsmanship with luxury and has brought it's –

(a) Emperor (b) Queen (c) Crown (d) Trove series by ensuring reliability, informed customer care, and convenience. We are engaged into the world class manufacturing of premium quality products where innovative designs and quality is alive.

Oiva is world’s single brand of its own kind which is working on different ancient & spiritual parameters with the combination of Healing, Luxury and Pleasure. We inherit the theme from our roots, the facts of origin & deliver the finest sensible products for better living with the world-class quality made on international standard and produces patented products.

Emperor series - Customised Designer series for elite class of international market.

Queen Series - For elite class of international market not launched in India.

Crown Series - For elite class of Indian market.

Trove Series - Affordable luxury range for Indian market.

We believe that it is a lot more competent and factual for a customer to talk about us than us talking about ourselves. Oiva has always been engrossed on innovative designs, quality, exclusivity, storytelling and customer delight. You see it on our site, at our stores or in our packaged gifts. We are the one platform people will think of when they look forward for something exclusive.
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