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Change the room with flowerins

Beautiful floweral Design derived from flowers.
Has inbuild fragrance dispenser.


OM Mirror

OM Mirror has been extracted from the hand drawn design of an artist,which in turn has been developed technically into a looking mirror. Artist kept all shapes corners on spiritual parameters and used Rose Quartz on it.Rose Quartz is a semi precious stone which is also known as love stone.It emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and thymus chakra,the area related to compassion. This stone effuses its love energy into the surrounding to help all those who are nearby like your nearest and dearest.


The top design of the mirror symbolises the flower which is blooming gently,slowly and suddenly OM emerges out of it,two leaves beneath the OM were awaiting before and turned into the shape of praying hands started praying to OM upwards in the sky touching gently the edges of the leaves and further turns slightly towards right,consequently one new lotus flower blooms beneath the hand leaves, whereas the bottom design of the mirror contains two normal leaves.
Lotus symbolises:create positive vibes around you,peace,purity,devotion,ascension,enlightenment, beauty,grace and eloquence.


The blue colour is derived from The Lord Shiva, you may choose shades after fixing it on the wall by changing the lights only.If you want dark shade of blue you may go for yellow light over it by doing so,it will look dark blue.You have second option too, change the light into white it will turn to vibrant blue the colour Ajna chakra the chakra of third eye.
• Direction compass and guide for right placement
• Defogging feature
• Premium range of mirror (extra vibrant)




Why mirrors?

Mirrors are as ancient as our human need to adorn ourselves. Luxury just for you! Luxury will always charm those who have a taste for fine things. As they say, time passes, but somethings are forever luxury is surely one of them. When it comes to the elite Oiva is the answer that most of them relate to pretty well. The Oiva legacy evolves to pave way for more trendsetters that will surely bring in a lot more than one can imagine today. In present day’s luxury, the hobbies and lifestyles of the buyers play an extremely important role in customizing the amenities and shaping the features for the discerning buyers. Oiva has set the tone right for this segment by its luxury offerings. Oiva Mirrors are commonly used for personal grooming or admiring oneself, decoration, architecture & interiors. Mirrors have fascinated people for millennia. Mirrors are like pieces of dreams, their images hyper-real and profoundly fake. In a sense, mirrors are the best ‘virtual reality’ system that we can build, the object ‘inside’ the mirror is virtual, but as far as our eyes are concerned it exists as much as any other object.


An exclusive designer mirror to add glam to your living. This exclusive art piece is an imagination of an artist actualized with technology and art. The artist drawn line art of five pointers star which symbolizes Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Star surrounded with Yogic figurines clockwise to create energy around the Star to reflect it in your image enable you to shine into it like Royals.


This mirror took 453 days of the artist to transform his imagination into reality.This mirror is designed and cut in one piece.24K gold plated chains to beautify the art.Oiva crown series premium range hold the design patent and copyright.Oiva has introduced the premium range especially for the elite class and luxury market.All products are not available on website to maintain the confidentiality of designs. For more information on premium range you may contact to Oiva is world’s single brand of its own kind which is working on different ancient & spiritual parameters with the combination of luxury as per international standard and producing international patented products and challenge the world always for exclusive collections

Key highlights

Available in 4 shades out of 7 shades of human chakras.
Shape of the mirror and dimensions are based on ancient Indian spiritual parameters which stops negative energies and spread positivity.
Ek mukhi Rudraksha hidden inside which can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. According to the mythological books peace and pleasure abide in the house due to its impact.
Direction compass and guide book for the right placement of mirror
Yoga figurines clockwise to create energy around the Star to reflect it in your image
Star surrounded with yoga figurines clockwise to create energy around the star to reflect it in your image enable you to shine into it like royals.

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