Warranty Policy


Soins and Godeva Private Limited (Oiva) warrants all new products manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship as per the following terms and conditions:

  • The limited warranty is given for five (5) years against manufacturing defects and one (1) year for coating from the date of the purchase of the products.
  • The limited warranty is applicable if the products are genuine branded products purchased online or from authorized Oiva retailers.
  • The Limited warranty is extended only to the original consumer of the product and is neither assignable nor transferable to any other person.
  • The maximum value of claims, if entertained by Oiva, will be limited to the maximum Retail Price of the product, prevailing at that point of time.
  • Oiva neither assumes nor authorises any authorised distributor or any person or entity to assume for it any other obligation or liability beyond that which it expressly provided for in this limited warranty.
  • Oiva would take adequate steps for the availability of the same product which has to be replaced, however in case of non availability to the same model, Oiva would offer commercial solution to customer on its sole discretion.
  • Under no circumstances are the terms mentioned above negotiable and no employee of the company or its authorised dealers has the authority to supersede them.
  • Delivery and handling charges incurred on the transportation of the product to and from Oiva or its authorised dealers will be borne by the consumer.
  • During the limited warranty period, Oiva or its authorised dealers may replace at company’s discretion, the defective product with new product. Customer shall not be levied any charges towards replacing the product. All the replaced products or items will become the property of the company and the replacement product will become the property of the customer.
  • The original customer of the product can avail the service of warranty, by producing the defective product along with the original invoice of the product.
  • This warranty is not valid for the damages resulting due to negligence, mishandling, tampering, breakage, improper use, soaking, fire etc. and in that case the customer himself shall be responsible or that shall be on the sole risk of the buyer, once he has obtained the delivery of the product if purchased online or once he has purchased the product from the authorised Oiva retailers.
  • All warranty information, product features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Ghaziabad and Pune courts only.



  1. If the customer intimates the company regarding the defects or physical damage of the product within twenty four (24) hours of the receipt of the product. Any intimation post twenty four (24) hours regarding the defects and physical damage in the product, shall not be entertained.
  2. If the customer uses the products normally in accordance with the guidelines provided in User and Care Guide available with the products and the do’s and don’t’s are also mentioned below:
  • Use only soft cloth to clean the copper products and glass products.
  • Use the copper cleaning agent as provided with the products for copper products.
  • Use a soft sponge to clean the stainless steel products.
  • Use only mild liquid detergent to clean the stainless steel products.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess water from the products.
  • To retain the shine of the product use a soft dry cloth and rub the product with it gently.


  • Do not use the products in microwaves.
  • Do not expose the products to heat, open flames.
  • Do not scratch the product; do not rub it with hard cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive chemicals, detergents etc. as they can cause oxidation.
  • Do not use steel wools, scrubbers.
  • If the customer returns the defected or physically damaged product in its original packaging either to the authorised dealer or directly to the company and along with the properly filled warranty card and the receipt evidencing the invoice no., date and place of purcahse. The invoice and the warranty card must be duly filled, stamped or signed by the authorised dealer.
  • If the product was used for the purpose for which it was intended to be used.
  • If the product was bought in India.


    1. In case of incomplete warranty card or invoice, i.e. (no mention of dealer sign, date, seal or expiry date) then warranty will cease to be in force.
    2. If the customer has not notified about the defects in the product within twenty four (24) hours of the receipt of the products to the company or the dealer.
    3. The customer has not followed the instructions or guidelines provided in the user and care guide of the company.


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